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    DG41RQ LAN issue


      I recently bought an Intel DG41RQ board. The onboard LAN was functioning perfectly until recently. The onboard Realtek NIC currently receives no packets(although it can send them). It is not a cable problem since I use the same connection with my laptop and it works perfectly. It is not an OS or driver issue either as the same issue was seen in both Windows XP and Fedora 10. I also updated my BIOS but to no avail. Plz help me out?

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          You will need to wait for a bios/driver update fix or maybe a new revision of the board. For now if you unplug the system completly from the power it should come back for a while. My advice would be to put a network card in.

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            It make no sense where new motherboard equiped with build in LAN port but cannot use.

            I also got the same problem. Brought 2 same models and both also last only for a month period,

            then started to give problems such as while connected to LAN or surfing internet, on and off

            the LAN connection will be disconnected and connect back so frequently ...

            Such as good brand with bad quality product ...