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    Intel RST cannot not see a Raid drive that Windows is capable to see


      I have created a Raid1 in the Intel RST Option ROM (RAID ROM).

      I boot then Windows from a PCIe (nVME) drive. Windows boots fine and it is capable to see the Raid drive, I can initialize, create a new volume, format it and give it a letter.

      If I open the Intel RST software (latest version) that I have installed in Windows, RST cannot see at all the Raid drive, it cannot see the PCIe drive (boot drive).

      The only thing I get in IRST is a Warning that something is not configured properly, but it does not say what.

      All this happens on a brand new Z170 chip-set Gigabyte MTB.

      Question #1. Why is this happening? If Intel RST cannot see a Intel RAID volume who can?


      I know that there are different methods for creating a RAID: in the Intel Option ROM, as an UEFI Raid in th MTB BIOS, or with Intel RST in Windows.

      Question #2.

      I thought that creating the Raid in the BIOS or in the Option ROM is the best solution because this you create a hardware. Raid created in RST in Windows is a software Raid.

      What are the Pros and Cons for creating a hardware Raid in the BIOS or a software Raid with Intel RST? Please advise