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    DX58SO Rebooting on OS Install


      Just Picked up this board DX58S0 I7 920 and 4 gig Kingston Ram which is supported for ths motherboard. Reboots at expanding windows Files. Managed to install OS once and even then constant reboots. Tried new psu and new hard disk and new DVD rom. Still no go. Anyone have any ideas???

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          run a memory test from the win dvd, exchange the graphicscard, unplug everyhing not needed for installation. if nothing helps, send the board in (RMA).

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            System Reboots when I run the Memory tests. I tried both 2 gig sims one at a time and both do the same it reboots. Replaced Video Card same. Replaced PSU same. Replaced DVD/ROM and Hard Disk same. Hard to believe both sticks of Ram are bad. I have never seen a CPU do this. So I guess I will RMA the board.

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              This is DDR3 kit, which are usually in 3's, 3 x 1GB or 3 x 2GB.

              Link to Kingston kit?

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                To trap severe hardware problems:

                remove all drives (not the power cable to them tho cause that can damage the ATX power supply)


                Remove the video card.

                Remove all ram sticks.


                So just the CPU.


                Now, start the computer, You should hear the BIOS beeps indicating memory problems.

                if you don't hear the BIOS beeps: power off, then remove the battery on the board.

                Wait 30 seconds and now start the computer, it should beep.


                If you get the beeps, then shut down and insert the battery again if it was removed.

                Then install the video card.


                Boot up the board and it still should beep for missing memory.


                Shut down the computer and insert one ram stick.

                If you have triple ram: ine the first black slot of the triple ram setup.


                Now restart the computer and you should see the BIOS  etc but a boot failure error.


                Shut down again and attach the harddisk.


                restart and ...windows should start but sloow due to not enough ram.

                If windows loads, shut down again, install the two other ram sticks.

                Restart the computer , if the problem starts, ram problem.


                Note on ram: if you install ram on all 4 slots, then no tripple channel mode.

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                  why is tripple channel disabled with 4 dimms?

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                    I tested it with 4 patriot dimms and memory benchmark.

                    But, maybe the board has a problem with the patriot dimms so it is maybe possible with some other brand of dimms.

                    On the other side: I have 6 GB ram  using triple 2GB modules and 6GB is far then enogh for most computer users.

                    And... You need a 64 bit OS to access the full ram size cause any 32 bit OS is limited to 3,7GB ram.


                    About the Marvell chip: can be desabled in the BIOS.

                    Boots e few seconds faster then.