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    Ethernet problems I218-V


      Hi everybody.


      Lately I've been experiencing lots of troubles with my wired connection on my new windows 10 computer. Connection keeps dropping every now and then. Plus, when it is working, I noticed that the speed is significantly decreased (I hired a 10 mb/s broadband but I am getting about 2.5 mb/s these days). My knowledge in computering is quite basic and limited, so I tried several things I found on different sites. Nothing seems to put things right for me so far, so I decided to try in this community...


      The first thing I tried was looking up for new ethernet drivers. And here is the first curious thing: although the latest driver version published on the download center is 20.4.1, after I run the installation wizard it keeps showing a different version. Why? I have no idea.


      I also tried running a command prompt, "netsh winsock reset". It kind of scared me at first because it somehow disabled my mouse drivers , but after fixing those, I had a look at the internet and the connection problems persist.


      If I run the troubleshoot thing it keeps pointing at a "default gateway" issue. I am not sure what that is, but everywhere I look on the internet people talk about drivers and w10 being flawed.


      Does anyone have any new inputs? I'd appreciate some new ideas. The computer is quite new, I don't like struggling with all this after such a short time enjoying it.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi ArreSteikje,


                Thank you for the post. Version 20.4.1. refers to the PROSet software version, it contains different driver versions which is is not exact the same version as the software version but they are the latest version in this software package. The I218-V is a onboard NIC on your system, I would suggest you to upgrade the driver from the board vendor.The default gateway is a certain device such as a server, workstation or network device that contains the rourting to route your network packets to. If you are connecting a switch you might want to check on the switch configuration.


                     Try change the cable to see it will make any differences.


                    Please contact your board vendor for further support as they are in best position to check on the physical or other configuration on the onboard NIC.


                    Hope this helps.




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            Hello WB, thanks for replying.


            Also thanks for bringing some light on my missunderstanding about the driver versions!


            I have been messing around the cables a bit but I am only more frustrated than I was before. I forgot to mention one (perhaps important) detail: I am wired to my router by using a powerline adaptor (is that how these things are called?). I am starting to suspect that these little things might be the ones to blame for my suffering.


            Again, I was reading about what could be done if the powerlines were causing problems. I tried your suggestion of changing cables too. But, I noticed that one of the LED lights of both powerline adaptors were shining ambar, instead of green, as they are supposed to be. Apparently, this means that the connection has been slowed down. Or something.


            The manual said that in case the LED light is ambar I should try to move the adaptors closer to eachothers. I would rather not try that because they are connected in the only possibly logical places to be in order to avoid a cable-hell all over the flat. If only I wasn't so sure that it just CAN'T be the reason... basically because those things have been working just fine right where they are for the entire summer... and now, for some random reason, I am having troubles. I am not saying the adaptors isn't the problem... but their location certainly isn't.


            By plugging the adaptors in different sockets in the same powerstrip the LED lights suddenly were all green again. However there is no internet service on my computer. I did the same process a couple of times and I get the same error again: no internet, no IP, and so on. If it's not the powerline adaptors, must be something up with the lan of my router, right?


            Do you have any suggestions, even if we aren't talking about the net drivers? I'd be grateful. Much.



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              Hi ArreSteikje,


                    You can try check on the switch setting where this NIC was connected to and it is best to contact the board vendor for them to check on the hardware aspect a well.