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    Edison does not power up with a wall adapter but with usb does


      Hi guys, this is my first time here, so hello !


      I got recently a brand new Edison and it was working perfectly, using the USB communication and a wall adapter to power up (9VDC 850mA). After a shutdown that I did when setting the SSH, it stopped to power up using the wall adapter, no lights on, no powering signals, nothing. I realized that my wall adapter was heating too much after this event and my suspicious is that something is in short (I hope not). I tried 2 more wall adapters unsuccessfully.

      For while both USB ports are working and Edison still working also.

      Right now I'm deep diving in the schematics to try find out what's going on: http://download.intel.com/support/edison/sb/edison_arduino_hvm_8_26.pdf


      If someone already faced anything like that before, please shed some light here.



      Thank you.