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      On my NUC5i3RYH they aren't any possibility to turn off/on bluetooth

      Other computers offer that when you right click on the bluetooth icon down to the left in the taskbar


      I have the latest driver installed 17.1.1532.1814



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          Had the exact same problem on RYK here.  Well not exactly the same as it was working out of the box, but very flakey and then one day it just stopped working on Linux Mint altogether and disappeared in Windows. Complete reinstall did not solve the problem, nor did following all the various driver updates that have been suggested in the forum here.  I am currently in the process of RMA'ing it.

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            Hi raponZo,


            The only option to disable the Bluetooth connection is entering into the BIOS menu and disable the option. From Windows® operating system this option is not available.


            Mike C

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              Ok thank you for you replied, it was what I suspected

              a shame because I do not use bluetooth as much and have wanted to shut it down, for many times it takes longer time for Windows to start