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    no displayport sound after sleep mode


      I have an NUC5i7RYH driving a Dell UP3216Q in 4K via displayport. I am using the audio out of the monitor to drive a set of external speakers. The problem I am having is disconnected audio after the system returns from a period of sleep. When the system goes into sleep mode I lose displayport audio in playback devices completely. I have to reboot or disconnect and reconnect the displayport cable to restore the displayport audio option. I have all of the latest drivers and BIOS. Is anyone else have this issue?

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          I have a similar problem with NUC5i7RYH only with the HDMI port. I'm running Win 7 SP1. When the TV monitor turns off after the display turns off via power config the sound is disconnected. When I go to sounds/playback the icon is missing. Rebooting reestablishes the sound. It appears to be intermittent because it does not always happen. My desktop that I built three years ago has three HDMI sound icons and they are always displayed even though I'm not using HDMI. If you right click on a blank area where the icons are displayed make sure you have "show disconnected devices and show disabled devices" check marked.


          This problem is not new. I've read similar problems with other motherboards and people using the NUC for a home theater system where they turn off the sound system.


          Since I do not have the issue with my desktop and only with the NUC, I think its a driver issue that has not been addressed. For now, I changed the setting in the Intel Graphic audio to "audio without video" to keep the connection. Now the TV monitor does not turn off it just goes blank. Not a solution but a work around.

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            I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and I ran into the same loss of sound after a resume
            from sleep mode. Drove me crazy for quite a while.

            The quick fix was to right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray, select the speaker on the menu, disable the speaker then re-enable it. Sound works again but this was a pain in the **** doing it on a regular basis. Java training in chennai

            Finally got it fixed, though. Turned out to be Creative's SoundMax software that was
            preventing the sound
            driver from re-initializing on resume. Software Testing Training in Chennai
            Uninstalled SoundMax, rebooted and the problem was gone. Works fine now.

            Not sure if this will work for you but it's worth checking what you've installed just
            before this problem manifested itself on your computer.

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              That's hard to say. This is a new setup with a new monitor. I was previously using older dual 1920x1200 monitors on a DP spliter and sound via HDMI. This seemed to work well. The new setup with the replacement 30" 4K via DP is the first time I am using DP for sound. On thing I have found is the icon for Intel audio totally disappears from the playback devices menu. It is still present in the device list and I can disable/enable cycle it to restore sound but this means I have to open control panel / system / device manager after every resume.

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                Hello unimorpheus,


                Could you please provide me with operating system version?


                Also, I will appreciate if you could post the Intel® Graphics Driver Report, you can follow the steps how to save the file here:

                Graphics Drivers — Intel® Graphics Driver Report



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                  No problem. This system is running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit SP1. I am still trying to determine what issues are monitor related and what issues are NUC related. At bootup I get random POST and splash screen distortions where the corrupted image is tiled across the screen in about 18 windows. When entering the UEFI I also randomly get the same tiled distorted screen. I just keep restarting until I get the correct screen. Again I don't know if this is a monitor sync issue or a GPU issue. The Dell UP3216Q is relatively new as well.



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                    I will try to set up a unit here with displayport to see if we get the same behavior after I set up my system.


                    One more question, are you using straight connection(displayport from the NUC to monitor/TV) or are you using any adapter to connect the displayport from the monitor/TV to the NUC?



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                      I am using the mDP to DP cable supplied with the monitor.

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                        I have tried to replicate this issue and I get audio after the system comes back from sleep mode, I did not need to enable the audio without video to make it work in the Intel(R) Graphics Control Panel, it was disabled and it worked fine, I used straight connection which is what we recommend to use and no problems.


                        I tried it with HDMI as well and no issues either.


                        Could you please provide us with more detailed information how you have your systems connected and if you are using high quality cables?


                        Have you try different cables?



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                          I have tried a different cable with same results. It is hard to determine if the issue is with the monitor or the NUC. The UP3216Q display has to translate the incoming digital signal to an analog output on the 3.5mm jack to drive the speakers. I don't know of the digital sound processing of the monitor would effect the presence of the playback device. Now that I look at it the playback device is listed as a Dell UP3216Q so this may be an issue with the monitor not resuming correctly. This would not be a surprise as the U3214Q was reported to have the same problem. Unfortunately Dell does not support firmware updates for $1600 monitors.

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                            Being that the case it will be a good idea to try different monitor if it is possible.


                            Please let me know if you are able to try different monitor and if you get the same result or if the issue is solved with different monitor.