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    Intel NUC 6th gen HDMI CEC



      I love the Intel NUC but I hate that it doesn't support HDMI CEC.

      Does anyone know if the skylake gen intel nuc with the 540 graphics chip will support HDMI CEC?



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          Hi eNeLL,


          The latest NUC models with 6th gen processors are fully compatible with HDMI CEC. On page 48 of the technical product specification PDF you will find more information.

          Intel® NUC — Technical Specifications


          Intel® NUC Products


          Mike C

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            So will it work out of the box, or do we need some 3:rd party hardware?

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              You will need one of these: Intel NUC HDMI-CEC Adapter | Pulse-Eight

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                now available for 6th gen Skylake NUC

                Intel NUC HDMI-CEC Adapter | Pulse-Eight

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                  Nice!, thanks det_bradlee!

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                    How come Intel can't get this built in out of the box.? If rpi can do it and almost still be cheaper than the pulse adapter, Intel should be able to integrate it. this is the only reason I'm not buying a nuc.

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                      I'm not sure myself, but I'll surely pass your feedback to the design team.

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                        I have to agree with the previous poster; I inquired about CEC being supported one year ago, when Skull Canyon was coming out, and was shocked to read that it wasn't included (apart from buying a costly adapter!) in the very expensive package. I thought I'd wait another year for the guys to get their act together... but no, it seems that the newest - yet to be announced - Apollo Lake NUC will not include the CEC functionality. For a HTPC, this is essential (and buying a 50$ adapter, especially for people outside the US, isn't an interesting option).

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                          I think that you just justified Intel's decision. First of all, whether you like it or not, supporting CEC is not an absolute must for a HTPC; it can be - and is regularly - done without this feature (yea, I agree that it can be done a lot better using CEC, but that simply isn't compelling enough). Secondly, only a very small percentage of the users who are purchasing NUCs are doing so to use them in HTPC applications - and even less would use the CEC feature. Even if the feature could be integrated at half the cost (say, US$15, which might be difficult to achieve considering the royalties incurred in everything HDMI), that is still a lot of money to burden the price of every unit with, especially when so very few people will actually make use of the feature. In fact, I would hazard that it is few enough that the base investment for carrying an additional product SKU couldn't even be offset (let alone a profit be made).


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                            I agree, many buyers of NUC use them for other purposes, but I'm under the impression that their TARGET market is HTPC users, so I would think they would make everything in their power to cater to that market and offer a solution that is as complete as possible.


                            Sure, many users will not use CEC. The same could be said for many other technologies, that took a while to "take off", in part because they weren't readily available, affordable or well implemented. I think that if every company - Intel included - put a little more effort in supporting and promoting it, then the user base would grow considerably, making it an even cheaper technology.


                            I don't know about the royalties associated with CEC - you may be correct - but I would thik that Intel could include the equivalent of the 50$ board for less than 1$, not for 15$! Intel has the engineering and manufacturing  capabilities, and they have volume. When they put their weight behind a technology their are able to get it widely adopted at a very affordable price.

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                              Well, yes, HTPC is a desired niche, but it's certainly not the main one by any score. Intel's primary target market is SFF Desktop Replacement. Their byline is "Small Device. Big Performance.". Just look at their overview page: Mini PC: Intel® NUC. Yes, HTPC is mentioned, but only as part of a whole suite of possible uses.


                              As for the issues with HDMI, its patents and their licensing (royalty) fees, I suggest that you do some investigation. You need to ask yourself: Why was Display Port defined? Where do you think Intel's weight is being focused? It's pretty easy to see. What is the output of Intel's processors? (hint: it's not HDMI)...



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                                I'm not an expert on NUC - I don't even own one, but I have been following them since their initial announcement. To me, the inclusion of an IR receptor in the box demonstrates that the HTPC is not just a "side market" and shows they are want the base package to cater to the HTPC market.


                                I'm not disputing your claims regarding HDMI royalties; I thought that the cost of including the CEC adaptor would be comparable to adding the IR receiver. I may be wrong. Would still like to see CEC included however, or available at a reasonable cost (10$-15$).

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                                  I am sure that Intel will introduce this type of feature eventually, but they will decide when to do so based upon marketing imperatives and the economics of the situation. While our "gee, it would be neat..." input is also compelling, their own staff, technophiles all, is making these kinds of statements every day - and I can tell you they're much louder than you are!

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                                    Well, it seems out wish has been granted. Apparently the upcoming NUC WILL include CEC. See: http://nucblog.net/2016/12/apollo-lake-nuc-specs-released-includes-hdmi-cec/



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