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    DP45SG and IDT Audio Problems - Solution


      System: Custom

      Motherboard: DP45SG

      OS: Windows 7 Ultimate


      Like many on here I've seen people reporting audio issues with the DP45SG and the IDT audio drivers identified in the system as "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC". I had these issues as well. After running for no more than 5 minutes with the 178 driver my system would begin to pause when any program tried to engage the audio system. This improved with the 182 driver but the problem persists. In the begining only a reboot would fix this. Soon I discovered the audiodg.exe process would be eating memory during these pauses and that it remained stable when everything was working fine. I discovered a post on MSDN from a Microsoft employee "Matthew van Eerde" that talked about leaky APO objects causing the audiodg process to hang and eat memory. The solution he provided was to:


      " Open the Sound control panel and double-click each device in turn, both on the Playback tab and on the Recording tab.

      Each device will open up in its own window - look for an Enhancements tab on each device window.


      There should be a checkbox labeled "Disable all enhancements" or something like that - check this box on each device, even if it looks like none of the individual enhancements are turned on.


      Now reboot.


      If this solves the proble, it was a leaky APO. "


      This has so far solved my problem. I would suggest those of you that experience issues with IDT Audio to give this a try.


      Good Luck,