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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager FAIL - Very annoying RAID5 rebuild problem


      I use a quad RAID of 1TB drives in RAID 0 and RAID 5 configuration on an ICH9R chipset (on Windows 7 x64). All 4 drives are fine.

      Each time Intel Matrix Storage Manager detects something weird or Windows causes a HDD-related error, the RAID5 starts to rebuild.

      After reboot, the RAID 0 remains at a normal state (although the error was on this one), but the RAID 5 starts to rebuild although it was not even in use/accessed at the time of the error occured.

      I have Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8.9 installed.

      This needs to be fixed. It takes more then 30 hours to rebuild a 2TB RAID 5 array and it all happens for nothing and continously. Of course array performance is dezastrous while the array rebuilds (and that's all the time !).

      The process cannot be canceled.

      Please fix this !

      Allow the rebuild to be canceled. Make an option to re-mark the array as OK or stop marking it as 'rebuild' for nothing (it shows the status of rebuild instead of normal at system startup).

      Is there any current way or making IMSM stop re-re-re-rebuilding my array ?

      Thank you.