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      This past may,I decided to splurge somewhat,and purchased what I "ASSUMED" to be a reliable product from DELL,this Intel DP35DP motherboard.Was I sadly mistaken,even from day ONE the onboard LAN was in-operable,but I figured,no problemo,I'll just use one of my adaptors.After several weeks of getting blue screen crashes,I decided to do sum research and came to the conclusion(with help from other tech savvy folks)that the issue may be the type of RAM installed.So I purchased 4GB of memory,ya know the kind,yeah,the specific modules listed in INTELS' memory tested section.

      Once again,after about a week of crashes,I decided to upgrade my power supply to an ANTEC 850W source,and a new Nvidia GTX 260 Video Card.I just know I'll get this problem solved,I told myself,I wasn't going to bother anyone about this issue.OH,by July 4TH I decided to give up,I contacted dell,explained the issue and was told "Your product falls outside of the TWENTY ONE day return policy,you need to contact the manufacturer of your item". I was like @@%!!!%%??!!! TWENTY ONE DAY RETURN?!!


      I've had bad luck with DELL in the past,but I've had nothing but great experiences with Intel products,hope was not lost I tell you!! MAAAAN,I must be naive to how things work these days!!! When I contacted INTEL about a non functioning motherboard that supposedly has a limited THREE YEAR WARRENTY,the only option I was given was that I could send the item into intel and it would cost me $65.00 for them to repair it!!!I ALREADY PAID $140.00 PLUS THE UPDATED HARDWARE,HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO PAY TO GET A DECENT RUNNING SYSTEM?!!!


      PLEASE......If there is ANYONE who can help me with this issue,or have experienced simular issues,I would be honored to be enlightened!!!

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          what's your issue again, i mean board issue?

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            HELLO!! Basically,from the time I purchased this board,onboard LAN NEVER worked,I can't keep system operable longer than 45 minutes at a time without crashing.Another complication I neglected to mention was the fact that outside the CPU fan,if I connected any other system/case fan,ALL of the fans seem to be rotating irregurlarly,even on my 850W power supply.


            I attempted to alieviate this issue myself,but with little success.Thinking I could achieve a RMA or replacement from INTEL,I contacted support and was informed I'd be charged a fee by INTEL to have it repaired by their technicians,this not including shipping and handling.I realize there's limited warranty terms,but I've only had this item a little over 5 months.


            Besides,according to the terms of warranty I've researched here at INTELS' website and documents that came out of box,I'm entitled to a limited 3 YEAR coverage,it would've been nice to actually have a manufacturer follow such a policy.


            Last week as I was going through contents in the anti-static bag,a very small shiney metal object I think goes on the board fell out.as far as I can tell this small device is possibly a crystal quartz device to regulate/time power or frequency.I'D JUST LIKE TO GET SOME USE OUT OF MY $140.00 INVESTMENT,LOL!!

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              Pls call Intel again. tell them clearly what happen.. you need to have lots of patience..


              pls check that the processor you installing is supported for the DP35DP. there goes same for your RAM.


              why not,


              (1) if the Board can power up and enter P.O.S.T, pls ensure NetWork LAN is enabled in your bios.

              (2) if the board cannot power up at POST. pls remove the battery for 30 minute without any wire connected to the board.


              If (2) cannot solve, you got a faulty Mainboard.


              IF you succeed at (1), place your board on a non metallic workbench, plug in the power supply, Processor and rams.. grapfic card too.. and power up...

              RUN THE POST IN BIOS. pls navigate to the Hardware monitor, a bios page where you can see your pwr wattings, fan speed and etc..

              Observe all the power rattings and the processor fan speed..


              if you still face problem.. reply..!!..



              ps: I PROUD USER OF INTEL DP35DP