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    Help:New System Setup ( E5310 & Intel S5000PAL)


      Hi All

        I am tryting to build my new Server and i have the following components



        Intel S5000PAL Server board

        8 * Hynx 512MB FBDIMM Modules

        Lian Li Case (which supports EATX Boards)

        Antec Earthewatts 500W Power Supply


      I hav connected everything and the Lian Li Case has cables for the following and i am not sure where to plug these on the motherbaord.


      Power LED  ( 3-Pin Connector)

      Power Switch (2-Pin Connector)

      Reset Switch (2-Pin Connector)

      HDD LED (2-Pin Connector)


      I have connected the the main Power Connector and CPU Power Connector to the motherbaord and when i powered it on i see the Blue (initiall) and then the green light at the back of the board.


      How ever in order to start the machine i need to connect the ower switch or use the jumber cable ( which i am not aware of or not comfortable with).


      I am using the reference document from http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5000pal/sb/s5000pal_tps_v1_9.pdf


      And in Page 15 i have connected the W and X from my mower supply.





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