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    Proset Windows 7 Installation


      Hi all,


      I've been on Windows 7 RC1 for the last few months but I now have the full version of Windows 7 Professional.


      I can't install it because of Intel ProWireless, it asks me to uninstall it but I can't as I keep getting an error message.


      There's a thread on it here: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...c-5bd99b2ce14f


      ...but the solution suggested doesn't work for me.


      So, I'm trying to update my ProSet utilities to version 13 (compatible with Windows 7)


      I've downloaded it from the Intel site (file name ICS_s32.exe) but it says it's not supported on my operating system - even tho on the download page it says the version is specifically for Windows 7!


      Any ideas? ...please

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          You are not the first with a LAN version not supported message but it sounds like you are trying to do an upgrade of a RC1 which is never a good idea.  For me it was a reinstallation problem only.  I would suggest formatting the drive for a clean install and be careful to note your driver installation order and hardware present.