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    DG43nb + q9400 problem



      This is my first post & I look forward for all your help. I recently build a new PC whose specs are:

      DG43NB Motherboard

      Q9400 Processor

      4GB DDR2 800MHZ RAM

      500GB SATA WD HDD.

      650Watt SMPS

      I installed windows 7 x64 on it but it started crashing continuously sometimes to BSOD & at others to application crashes. First I thought it to be memory problem or power supply problem but after their thorough tests, i ruled them out. Then i installed windows XP & all went fine & it works flawlessly.

      Then i performed a BIOS update to the latest version. now Windows 7 won't even install in it. it just get stuck to the Splash logo after loading files from DVD. i also tried x32 edition & tried to install using USB drive but no use.

      Now i simply can't get windows 7 on my pc after bios update. (XP still works fine). i don't know what to do know? I am just Stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.