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    Problems to update chip set




      I have a notebook NV49C from Gateway. After I tried WIN 8.1 and WIN10 I installed WIN7 back again.

      After 227 windows updates I used the Driver Update Utility to check for the newest chip set:

      1. It found: old version: / new version: 10.0.27

      2. After downloading 10.0.27 and installation I got the message:  installation successful

      3. After Running the check again same as under 1. !!!! No change!!! So the installation was failed ????


      What did I do wrong? What can I do better?


      Here more infos about my system:

      Intel i5 CPU, M 480, @ 2.67 GHz

      RAM 4 GB

      WIN 7 ultimate 64 bit SP1 operating system


      I am thankful for any help.


      Best regards