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    Openelec + Win 8.1 + UEFI problems



      I installed Openelec and Win 8.1. If I have the checkmark on UEFI It will go to windows. I will be prompted to chose between both but if I chose openelec it will not let me. If I uncheck UEFI it goes straight to Openelec and wont even show me the prompt. I would like to leave it check or unchecked and have both OS's work when ever I chose them from the list.

      Any takers?

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          Hello AlbieDPapito:


          I was able to find some instructions or recommendation for dual boot configurations in this case OpenELEC/Windows 8.1* from a post on a different website.


          The recommendation that may help you would be:


          A- Make sure to disable "Secure Boot" at BIOS level (Boot tab).


          B- Boot Manager issues:


          If none of the systems starts, this probably means that the secure boot option was not disabled.


          If one of them starts (this may be the issue in your system), that means there is a problem with the boot management. To fix this it’s necessary to go back to Ubuntu, with the USB drive again and go to "Boot Repair"


          More instructions on how to access "Boot Repair" can be found in the source post below.


          Source post:Dual Boot Ubuntu and Windows 8 UEFI | eLab hackerspace


          If any additional questions are present, do not hesitate to advise me.



          Esteban C

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            When I put the Check mark at the UEFI Boot option it boots straight into openelec. If I uncheck it brings up the menu but the only option that works is windows. So they both boot its just through checking and unchecking this option.

            I hope you understand what I am trying to say.