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    I keep getting blue screens that say wait and my computer will restart and then restarts and counts down..there is an error message having to do with video schedular internal error 4600. before that I had another error having to do with tdr video error..I


      wow I asked a long question as I thought I had to get it all in the question. my computer started giving me blue screens...the first one was tdr video error and the computer said when checking it out or researching it said to update my video card in the device manager..in display adapters....intel (R) HD graphics 4600....I UPDATED this ....and it didn't give me a blue out screen and or restart ...then tonite as I was playing the games on my computer the simple ones like solitaire and all the solitaire type games...and this time the blue screen came up with video scheduler internal error....I looked that up and it said to update the card or device....I went in to do that and it said I had already updated it..its probably something simple ...but I don't really know much about computers and what I know I get from research..and can do only what it says not really understanding it all...my computer when it starts up works okay...any suggestions please...if you do give me any....really explain it out...I can follow directions...thank you...