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    How come, after installing the latest BIOS, the secondary SATA drives on my DZ77GA-70K motherboard become unconfigurable?


      A while back I purchased an Intel Extreme Board DZ77GA-70K, connected to it an SSD (non-raid) for operating system, an LG optical drive for installation and data transfer, a hot-swap bay for repair or setup, and 4 SATA HDD (raid) for data storage. These 7 devices were connected up to 7 of the 8 SATA ports available on the motherboard. Recently, my Windows 7 Ultimate system became unbootable, even after attempting checking the SATA configuration, Startup Repair, Memory Diagnostics, System Restore, and Command Prompt with a few choice commands SFC /SCANNOW, BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD and BOOTREC /FIXMBR but without any satisfaction. I thought that maybe the BIOS needed to be updated, so I searched for the latest BIOS version and proceeded to successfully update the BIOS. But, once I accomplished this I found that even though the option to enable the Secondary SATA was functioning, configuring the Secondary SATA was not. What am I to do? Please help.