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    Driver Download Failed


      Hi all.

      I am no computer expert, so please be gentle.

      So, trying to set up a model flight sim using my own transmitter, for which I have a usb lead.When I plug this all in, I get no result. Seems the transmitter is not talking to the software.

      Getting no error messages from the software, but my antivirus is telling me a certain driver is out of date. Happens each time I power up the sim, so I guess there is a connection,

      My antivirus suggests I download, and pay for, a complete driver updater. Not prepared to pay a fair amount for just one driver.

      Anyway, downloaded and installed Intel Driver Update instead. Did a scan with this and it also identified a driver which was out of date. Tried to download this driver couple of times, but all I got was 'download failed' with no explanation.

      Went to manual download, fed in the driver number as quoted on my antivirus software, and was confronted by a whole page of possible downloads, none of which I could understand.

      Getting to the situation where I am getting deeper and deeper into uncharted territory, and more frustrated, all this to get one driver updated.

      The driver my antivirus identified is

      Intel (R) 82801G (ICH7 family) USB2 Enh.

      Can someone please help me out with a simple way of getting this all working?