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    HiDPI / 2K / 27inch DVI Dual-Link Input and HDMI-Output




      I have an issue with my new 27" 2K (1440p) Wide Gamut Display. I can archive 1440p at 40Hz with several different cables using HDMI Output from Intel HD 4400 on my Vaio Pro 13, as well as using a HDMI2DVI-D 24+1Pin cable. However, I am still not able to archive 1440p at 60Hz using this HDMI2DVI-D Cable. I think it might be a driver issue here regarding DVI-D Dual Link. Can anyone verify this? Driver Version was as provided by Windows 10 Update. Going to try other drivers now.


      I guess it might be because of cooling issues with the laptop that higher pixel clocks are not possible, but since I am not using this resolution for playing there might be a workaround?