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    DP55WG incompatible with Seagate 320GB drive in ACHI mode




      I've just put together a system on the DP55WG board and found an incompatiblity with this board and my Seagate hard drive.



      DP55WG Motherboard (latest BIOS, the original BIOS shipped with the board also had the same issue)

      Seagate ST3320613AS

      Nvidia 9400 graphics card

      4Gbyte of memory.

      i5 CPU

      BIOS reset to defaults (except for the change to enable ACHI, no overclocking)


      When ACHI is enabled in the BIOS the system will not complete POST, it stalls before the graphical BIOS screen so not even able to F2 to enter the BIOS again, and POST code is Eb.  The monitor just shows a non flashing underscore in the top left hand corner, it is possible to Control-Alt-Del to reboot, of course it just stalls again.


      When IDE is enabled in the BIOS the system will complete POST normally.


      Replacing the Seagate hard-drive with a Western Digtial SATA and enabling ACHI, the system boots normally.  So it seems to be an incompatibility with the Seagate drive and this board/BIOS. Note the exact same drive was working perfectly well in ACHI mode in a previous system using an Asus mother board with an older Intel chipset.


      I will go ahead and install using the legacy IDE mode for now, but what is the best way of getting Intel to look into this?


      A bit disappointed at such an obvious incompatiblity, the first Intel board I've used and the first problem I've had building a system, and built a few.