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    Nuc D54250WYK Windows 10 sleep and steam streaming issues


      After waking Nuc for sleep or Intel Ready mode ( tried both ) pc will crash BSOD with Video scheduler error upon streaming in steam big picture mode. Did find a solution which was to disable and uninstall Intel management engine device and drivers from device manager.


      Windows keeps re enabling it and reinstalling it tho so it is still and on going issue.


      2nd problem is a long running one , at least once a day , the nuc will wake from sleep to a black screen with taskbar but no response to any keyboard or mouse commands , has a green border around screen edges as well only solution is to hard power off.

      This sleep lockup issue has existed since I purchased the nuc and was running windows 8 and 8.1 and seems to be a very common problem. I'd hoped it might have been fixed in windows 10.


      Nuc runs windows 10, mainly used for Kodi/xbmc as a htpc, wired Ethernet connection , Logitech k400r , WMC remote, HDMI / TV

      Installed latest bios and drivers from the Intel website