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    D975XBX2 CPU LED


      Running the above board with XP Pro, SP3, 8GB RAM (why with XP? - see below), dual 300GB HDs, and 2.66MHz quad processors. This system runs 12-15 apps 24/7, with heavy calculating, networking, and FTP. It's been running for over 2 years with no problems (at least not with the hardware!).


      A few days ago the red CPU LED decided to come on. It goes from out to full on and everything in between, usually flashing/blinking (no pattern). Haven't been able to find any info on it, so I'm assuming it's indicating a heat-related problem. I have installed Intel Desktop Control Center (no errors) to check fan speed settings, temps, etc., but when bringing it up I get, "An unexpected error occurred while initializing the interface." Needless to say, that's as far as it goes. IDCC used to run fine on this system. Don't remember why I deleted it, but it's zapped now. Turning to Intel Desktop Utilities v3.0 (which runs), everything is reporting in the green. +5V is 4.716V which, while in the green, still bothers me. Processor Fan Speed is 1062 RPM. If my fuzzy brain remembers right, I think that's on the low side.


      OK, so why 8GB on an XP system? Because on the second HD I've been messing around with Win 7 (which is giving me headaches of its own trying to get all the apps reinstalled, but that's another story). Win 7 reports the 8GB nicely, and does NOT turn on the CPU LED. That's why I suspect it's heat-related - this system in not loading the hardware at all because the normal heavy load is not running. Room temp is 80F or less, 4 exhaust fans are installed (although the side case cover is now off for better breathing).


      How do I get IDCC back up to check the fan speed auto setting? Am I really looking at a heat problem? Bad fan?


      Thoughts appreciated.