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    INTEL ECS TR10RS1 (Flag Hill Value) TN SKU Tablet Bios Reset to default settings.


      Hi,Community,i dont know if this answer must be in another forum so i want aswer here,and i am newbie.


      I have an ECS tablet TR10RS1 education tablet owned in venezuela with intel atom baytrail chip Z3735F processor. My tablet does not turn on (only black screen) due to messed bios settings and i want know how to reset bios settings in the tablet. (In pc,is removing the CMOS battery but in tablets i dont know) Which sequence of keyboard i must follow to reset it? No documentation of this tablet, No ecs forum,no firmware,and no CMOS battery to remove. So i answering there if exits a way to reset bios to factory settings to boot tablet. I tried removing the battery and press power 10seg but doesnt work. The tablet is this: Intel® Education Tablets — Hardware Specifications for Intel® Education Tablets and image is this in ECS: ECS > TR10RS


      The bios is an Phoenix SecureCore Tecnology with rev: FGBYT10A.86A.0044 X64 .build time: 01/14/2015

      Any help is appreciated.


      Sorry for my english.


      PD:I would know if answering in developer forum could solve my problem.