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    Is it Possible to Change a RAID10 to a RAID1 volume with ICHR9 controller


      Can I change my RAID10 configuration to a RAID 1?  I currently have a (4) disk (150G) RAID10 array and I would like to change it to a RAID1.  I have an older ICHR9 RAID controller.  My end goal is to expand the  size of the volume which is not supported in the ICHR9 controller.


      If I can  change it to a RAID1 array, my plan will be to

      1. Create a backup/disk image

      2. Restore it to a 1TB HDD

      4. Reconfigure the server for NO RAID

      5. Install the new 1TB HDD and expand the  volume to use the full disk

      6. Install another 1TB HDD and create a 1TB RAID1 array


      Any help would be appreciated.