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    Need cpu tested


      Hello i need help to figure out if my cpu is still functional.

      My computer would not turn on this morning, ive confirmed it isn't the power supply as i can power my other computer with it.

      The motherboard is an GA-X99-UD4P and the cpu is an i7-5930k


      How do i go about getting the cpu tested or a warranty replacement if needed, this is the first time ive had any problems with a computer and am a novice when it

      comes to seeking help from a manufacturer or a community.


      Guess ill have to go the same process to see if my motherboard is dead.


      Any suggestions would really help me or direction on how to RMA

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          Hello Anime679,


          The best way to know if a processor is defective is to test it in another compatible system, if you install the processor in another system and it gives you the same problem then the culprit for your issue will be most likely the processor.


          I cannot just go ahead and culprit one component just because it is what you think it can be the one causing the problem, at this point I would suggest also following the troubleshooting steps paramountain provided to start the troubleshooting.


          When you press the power button to turn on the system do you get any fan activity, black screen o any errors on the screen?