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    SS4200-E Recovery




      My SS4200-E recently lost its power while it was running.  Now, both the LEDs to my HD (1.5TB WD), along with the power button, are amber color.  I know the amber color means critical error but I don't know how to do a recovery.  I pressed the reset button in the back and now, when I use the included software to access the SS4200E, I get a message that says "The device software is restarting..."  I don't know if it's just stuck here or if the process takes a very long time but I don't see any progress.


      The bottom line is, I don't care if I lose the data in this device; all I want to do is get it in working condition again.  I recently bought this device so I am not familiar with dealing with its errors.  If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.