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    DG41RQ Parallel Header


      This board does not come with the parallel strap for the header it advertises.  No problem, 26-pin IDC, right? Just use a strap like Cables to Go part # 10338.  This part is a bad reference because it doesn't have a "keyed" (blocked pin) connector.  However, all of the 26-pin IDC headers I have seen for parallel block (key) pin 26. However, on this board, pin 24 is the key.  I just got done chatting with Cables to Go to see if their adapter worked (since it isn't keyed at all).  I sent them a snap shot of Intel's manual for the parallel header pin out, and they said that it would not work.  So, how can I get one?  Any ideas?  (for a quick comparison, look at the parallel header pin out on the

      DG43GT: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/17807/eng/DG43GT_ProductGuide01_English.pdf Page 46 (this is what I'm used to) to the

      DG41RQ  http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/DG41RQ/sb/CS-029925.htm Page 42