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    DP35DP Board, Yellow bang found in device manager under other devices


      I am using Windows 7. I have DP35DP board with 4 Gig Ram. I ave found yellow bang in device manager under other devices and details are as follows

      @Sysytem32\driver\PCI.sys,#1920;PCISimple Communication Controller [Unknown Device]

      Chipset: Intel G35/G33/G31/P35/P31 Chipset HECL Controller


      PnpID: Ven_8086& DEV_29C4&SUBSYS_50448086&REV_02

      DEVICE: @System32\Driver\PCI.SYS, #1920;PCISimple Communication Controller


      CHIP: G35\G33\G31\P35\P31 Chipset Controller


      I am having difficulty establishing Home network because my computer is giving Communication error. I have tried downloading and installing current software for my board fron Intel site but this did not help.


      Any help please?