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    S5000PSL + SSD + AHCI = Hang




      I built a server using a S5000PSL and a SuperTalent UltraDrive GX 256GB SSD drive.

      If I set the SATA controller to AHCI the boot will hang during the SATA initialization.


      During boot the AHCI screen will come up, say two devices detected (SATA SSD and SATA DVD), but the device list will never display.

      The cursor just sits and blink forever.


      A reboot, even with F2 to enter setup just hangs again.

      The only way to recover is to disconnect the drive, reboot, enter setup, revert to legacy mode.


      In legacy mode the system works fine.

      The same drive works fine in many other systems, I have 4 of these drives and I use them in notebook and desktop systems without issue.


      I would really want to use AHCI.

      Any ideas what could be wrong, maybe a BIOS problem?