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    problems with Intel pro/100 VE integraded ethernet port


      hi, im new to Intel fourms but i dont know were else to turn


      last month i had given my friend a Gateway 500x desktop computer as an upgrade from there windows ME machine

      I have restored this computer multiple times and this is the first time i have ever had this issue

      before i gave it to him, i did a complete system restore loading Win XP media center edition along with complete updated drivers, everything was working just fine. now i go and hook it up and the internet wont work. i tryed to reinstall the driver and do manual connections and it still wouldnt work. after i did all of that, the motherboard wont reconize the DVD/CD drives or any other accesory. at this point the ethernet port has completely vanished from the system so i did another clean install. the problem is still there!! it is extremly frustrating and at this point i do not know what to do.


      what i think is it could be a potential BIOS problem


      i have replaced the motherboard and processor about 4 years ago


      specs are:


      Intel Celron D 2.6 GHz

      El Paso motherboard? (i dont know exactly, its the most common)

      768 Mb of RAM

      windows XP Pro 32-bit

      80 Gb ATA Hard Drive


      i would really like to know how to resolve this problem