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    Toolbox update


      Hello SSD community,


      Intel is continuing to work on a solution to this issue and expects to release a new version of the Intel® SSD Toolbox by the end of Dec 2009.

      Microsoft* alerted Intel to an issue with the Intel® SSD Optimizer tool and Intel is working on a fix to the issue.  After the SSD Optimizer is run, the SSD Optimizer renders all previously set Windows* system restore points unusable. However, user data is not affected. The SSD Optimizer tool is part of the Intel® SSD Toolbox (ver 1.1).

      This applies only to users who meet all four criteria below:


      • Use Windows*7 or Vista and
      • Use the System Protection feature which sets system
        restore points (enabled by default in Windows*7 and Vista*) and
      • Have installed 02HA or 02HD firmware and
      • Have used Intel SSD Optimizer (which was available
        from intel.com from 10/26 to 11/4).

      A workaround for this issue and additional details are available here.
      Intel will give regular updates on this issue.


      *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.




      NAND Solutions Group

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          Thanks for the update, Alan.  Better safe than sorry. It's also smart PR to keep the community informed like this on a regular and timely basis. Sometimes patience is as short as the read time on a Mainstream drive. I am happy because I am running Windows 7 and I seem to have TRIM enabled, so life is good for now. I admit that I just grin when I start an application and it instantly appears. However we early adopters do like to tweak for perfection, so I look forward to what the Toolbox might enable me to do. Thanks for the work you folks do.