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    DP55KG - Official Bluetooth driver?


      Since I cannot disable the Bluetooth via the BIOS in the DP55KG, does anyone know the make/model of the Bluetooth chip on this board so I can attempt to find an official driver?

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          I have asked Intel Customer Support about this. I will report when I hear back.

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            According to the TPS for the motehrboard the 'official' driver is the MS one:

            " Driver support is provided by Microsoft operating
            systems like Microsoft Vista and Microsoft 7. The Bluetooth driver stack is supplied by
            Microsoft but some Bluetooth enable devices might provide additional Bluetooth
            features and for proper functioning of those features, will need their own supplied
            drivers installed."


            I do know that this driver works well enough in Vista and Win 7

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              First, I will say that the information that Cpt.Dogfruit gave you above is indeed correct and pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. That is Intel's official stance from the documentation.


              To expand a little on this for you, the manufacturer of the bluetooth module is CSR, website being http://www.csr.com.i'm not sure of a model number, the only thing I can see physically on the chip is "BM-GP-CS-24", for what that's worth. I have searched for specific drivers or an alternative to Microsoft's bluetooth stack, but they do not seem to have one. Their main website is mostly business and developer related, and not really towards the end-user.


              Having said this, the chipset used on this module should be called either "BlueCore 6" or "BlueCore 7" (I could be wrong), but these are the two latest chips from CSR, and the only ones that support bluetooth 2.1+EDR. Intel has been very hush-hush about the Bluetooth info for this board (I own the DP55KG as well). It does not even mention anything about the manufacturer, model #, capabilities, or any of the other info that I list in this post in any of their documentation... including the technical specifications document! (which should have more info on this than a generic 1 paragraph entry about the fact that there is a Bluetooth module included, and you may or may not need manufacturer drivers for it). I had to find out all of this information on my own -- I shouldn't have to do that.


              To the point, I'm afraid you're stuck with the Microsoft stack/driver it appears. I searched their site over, even looked on their developer newsgroups, and was unable to find any CSR specific software. They say Intel should provide any drivers to extend functionality, etc... which we know there is no Bluetooth software, other than the chipset drivers... which don't really do anything for the direct "user experience". I wish this wasn't the case, as I feel the Microsoft bluetooth stack is lacking in features, a worthy interface, etc.


              One alternative that I use, it is a commercial/paid product, but BlueSoleil is a company who makes a compatible bluetooth stack, which I like... and is more robust and easier to deal with than the default. Their website is http://bluesoleil.com/ and you can download a free demo of the latest version. It works great with the bluetooth chip on this board, and the newest version is also fully compatible with Windows 7 (also both x86 and x64); I have tested and verified this myself. They also have a module that has an easy interface to some of the mobile bluetooth profiles -- where you can connect to your cell phone using certain profiles and do things like pull down your contacts and messages from the phone to your computer, transfer files, send SMS messages, control call features, the ability to tether and use your cell phone data connection on your computer, etc. That product is called cPhoneTool, check that out while you're there.


              That's the best info I can give you... sorry! Though, it's a little more than what you might have had before, right? I don't know why Intel has kept this such a secret! I can almost promise you this, though... CSR will tell you to go to Intel for the driver/software, and Intel will tell you that you need to go to CSR. I don't know for sure, that is simply my expectation.


              Here is a little extra technical info, if you are interested:


              The hardware id for the bluetooth module is "USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001&REV_5276" in the device manager. If you find it interesting that it shows as being on the USB bus, that is because (from what I understand) it uses the USB bus as a proxy of sorts, and emulates itself as a dual-HID (composite) device (a keyboard and a mouse).. presumably so that bluetooth keyboards and mice can be used outside of the OS (in BIOS, during the OS setup, etc -- in other words: USB legacy mode). If that means nothing to you, then don't worry too much about it, it's not that important... it is just an odd (but smart) implementation.


              Having said that, though, you won't be able to disable the bluetooth without also disabling your USB ports. I don't think the BIOS allows you to disable USB on a port-by-port basis. I do know that it is tied to the internal/on-board vertical USB port that is in the upper left corner of the board. The best you can probably do is disable the device in Windows. Vista and Win7 automatically install a working driver for it... I am assuming that you are using Windows XP and are getting the (!) on this device or something? Are you able to even use bluetooth? If you are using XP, have you made sure you have installed Service Pack 3 and all of the latest updates (even gone into "Custom" and looked into the "optional" and "hardware") drivers section to see if anything of use is there?


              Hope that helps you out in some way.... good luck and please let us know the results!


              Sorry to hear about the troubles... I think it's one of the weaker points of this board, unfortunately. My best advice in the meantime... if you can't use the bluetooth at all, give the BlueSoleil stack a try. The demo will at least get you up and going for a couple of weeks, and you may want to end up buying it. I think the main product is about 30 USD. (Btw, I'm not in any way related to the company, I have just used their product with success... I have no bias towards it... and if anyone else knows another alternative, by all means, let us know!)

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                Wow!!! Good info. Thanks Chinch!! I also researched the markings on the chip and found the CSR website which is no help at all. Intel also told me that MS supplies the drivers just like the manual states (which I obviously failed to read...my bad). Oh well...I disabled it via device manager. I dont want to put that ugly wire/antenna on my board anyways haha (yes, I am one of those weird neat freaks with cable management, etc.).  

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                  MS provides the drivers = they already did the work for us, and even though they're junk, they work (enough)...


                  As far as the external antenna, you may have seen the the post i made right after my response above; that wire/antenna is worthless; don't sweat that at all. I'm about to just spend 15-25 bucks on one of those tiny little usb stub bluetooth 2.1+EDR modules that are like smaller than the actual usb plug itself.  Let's put it this way... using my bluetooth headphones with the a2dp profile and my ipod touch's built in bluetooth, i can walk anywhere in my 2 story apartment (townhouse) without a single bit of static or dropouts. Using the same headphones and profile with the DP55KG's bluetooth module, i get breakups in the same room and my bluetooth devices less than 2 feet away from the antenna only have about 25-30% signal. Ipod, put in the same location with MORE interference.. i have no probs at all. I have tried several bluetooth stacks, including the MS default one with same results. Either something is wrong or it's just junk... and yes mine has the external antenna hooked up and is run outside the chassis as it is supposed to.  As mentioned, the soleil stack i have had best results with.. But I now recall there is also the WIDCOMM stack (broadcom) and toshiba has one too, I believe. Not sure if CSR will work with either of those, but one of us could try... But i think you have the right idea.. Just disable it. I use bluetooth regularly, and the one on this board was a true disappointment...   along with several other things, like intel *still* not having a fix out yet for the iphone/ipod touch freezing/crashing the OS when connected via any usb port on this board. I couldnt use my brand new ipod touch 3g for weeks cause i couldnt get it to not crash the comp.   Finally after finding all of the hundreds of posts tying it to intel's P55 chipset (the one on this mb) i had to go out and buy a pci usb addon card (that i wouldn't have otherwise ever needed) to finally use what was nice looking 400 dollar brick on my desk, waiting for intel to release a patch like everyone else did well over a month or two ago.


                  So I have to buy an extra usb card for a motherboard i just bought with nearly 20 usb ports already on it.. then, NOW ive gotta buy a decent bluetooth x-ceiver... how much more cash do i have to throw down to replace hardly/non-functional hardware/software on this "higher end"  board? Er, sorry.. "extreme" board.  Sorry for the rant.. and bad outlook, Ive made the same complaint 100 times but... between intel and apple lately, i am very disgruntled with these companies. even though in the past they were huge mega million/billion dollar companies.... they still stood for quality and reliability... now it looks like the customer isn't the main priority anymore. Just one man's personal opinion. Just feel shafted a bit, that's all... and I think for good reason.


                  oh.. and p.s. -- nothing wrong with good cable management... i'm a freak about it too, haha... the times my g/f sat there and watched me like I was hardcore OCD routing cables this and that way, zip tying these and those -- only to get it finished, take a look, and decide *cra... (well... that nasty nasty four letter word is censored) but..... only to decide "poo!", now i realize a better way i could've done that. gotta re-do it now! haha... so you're in good company

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                    Hello there,


                    The Bluetooth shows up in USB areas because it's actually tied to one of the 14 USB lanes which come directly out of the P55 chipset.  On Kingsberg, you have 8 USB on the back panel, one vertical, 4 on cable-up internal headers... and the one which is already connected to the Bluetooth Device.  For a total of 14.


                    On Kingsberg BIOS 4507 we added the ability to disable individual USB ports, including the Bluetooth radio.  All the enable/disable questions are on the On Board Devices --> USB sub-menu except the Bluetooth.  That one is directly on the On Board Devices menu.  Unfortunately we have a minor bug in BIOS 4507 that keeps the Bluetooth Radio off all the time... but that bug is already fixed and a new BIOS update will be out VERY soon where the enable/disable for that question is fixed.


                    Yeah, the expectation is that users use the Microsoft pre-loaded Bluetooth drivers, and if you got a specific Bluetooth device that came with software you could also use that if the Microsoft version does not work.


                    Hope that helps,



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                      Hey Edwin...


                      Just wanted to apologize here (and moreso probably my post about the USB/iPhone/Win7 issue in that thread), I was quite angry at the time as this was posted before any of us knew what was going on with things and general tech support was not helping with the issue -- frustration. As I posted elsewhere, my head is cooler now and I appreciate you posting here on several of these issues... it's great to have some support from someone who knows what's going on with things -- particularly one who is more "in the know" and involved with my board model (DP55KG) than generic/general first level support.


                      Hopefully you don't take it to heart, I'm sure you could understand from my/our perspective at the time of this post.


                      It's good to have you here on the board participating and helping people out -- truly. Hope you stick around.


                      P.S. I just generally don't like Microsoft's bluetooth stack, for one, just the general lack of profile support. From what I read, it doesn't even support the A2DP profile (stereo).. according to Wikipedia's entry on "Bluetooth profile" (if you trust what it says):


                      Windows  7: A2DP working on Windows 7 beta releases. Windows 7 Release Candidate and final release  no longer includes a Bluetooth audio-class driver.[12] A2DP support is provided entirely by third-party Bluetooth software.


                      That's a biggie to me, especially when doing remote support... I like to listen to music on my stereo headphones... accept calls as they come in, be able to control the playback (pause, next, back, FF/RW) if I wander downstairs to make some lunch etc... (I do tech support, a good bit of it remotely, so it's nice to be able to go downstairs or in another room for a bit and not worry about missing cell phone calls, skype calls from co-workers, -- or music, the most important thing )


                      But Microsoft's stack is just not complex enough to handle all of this routing and pairing, etc... or at least wasn't able to -- I have yet to go back since the solution I'm currently using is working and I'd hate to uninstall and test only to find out it's not working and then have to reinstall and repair and set everything back up.. you know?


                      Anyway. Sorry again, though. I'm reading your other posts in response to the DP55KG, maybe I'll learn something new.

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                        Thanks again Edwin!! The enable/disable USB and Bluetooth update made me smile. This was definitely on my nitpick list hehe and now im a happy (er) nerd now!  =P

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                          So glad you guys like the new USB per-port enable/disable feature.   We are very sorry about the few bugs that snuck out with that update but we are indeed hunting them down and squishing them ASAP.  The feedback I'm reading on this message board has helped already.


                          Understood about frustration with dealing with tech.  We DO care about the customer experience with this product and that's exactly why I'm here right now.  I'm taking extra time outside of my normal workload to give you guys answers for this stuff.  I'm not any form of designated customer support, I'm just a BIOS Engineer but I knew the answers to many of the questions I saw here and wanted to help.  If the help I am offering is appreciated and well received then perhaps I can keep doing this on my own time.


                          Thanks for buying Kingsberg guys, keep that customer feedback info coming!!

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                            hey im havin a problem with this board.

                            i have win 7 x64.

                            trying to get bluetooth to work.

                            cant find it in device manager

                            or devices and printers.

                            ive set bluetooth support to auto in services.

                            i updated bios and enabled bluetooth there

                            any ideas why i cant see it in windows at all?