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    Effects of RAID adapters or SATA 6


      Still an SSD noob, but I have seen posts in other forums where people are using higher end RAID adapters such as those from areca

      with cache memory to boost performance.  Do these adapters really good performance of SSDs much, epsecially when configured in a RAID array?  I also see that new SATA 6 motherboards are beginning to emerge - will running these drives see any benefit running on a SATA 6 board?   If I could choose between adding a dedicated RAID adapter with cache such as the ARC-1220 or upgrade to a SATA 6 board sometime in 2010, which would provide a greater SSD boost (if any)? I am currently running 2 X25-M's in RAID0 @ ~503 MB/sec seq read and plan to add a 3rd.


      Thanks for your thoughts.