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    C/C++ Eclipse Migration - Arduino libraries availability


      Hi all,



      this is my first question here so go easy on me! I just wanted to ask for your general advice before I begin my new Galileo project. Like most beginners I've outgrown the Arduino IDE and am willing to move onto pure C/C++, so naturally I've migrated to the Intel Eclipse environment. After reading Intel's documentation, I've just a few short queries before I want to delve into things:



      • How easy is it just to import Arduino libraries? For instance could I just import SoftwareSerial or TinyGPS as just .cpp and .h files and hope things will work? Or is there a better way?


      • I've discovered Intel's MRAA library - is this the de jure way of accessing the pins? Since I couldn't find a table matching MRAA pin to GPIO for the Galileo Gen 2, I'm presuming they match up like for like?


      • To make a target connection I need the IP address for my Galileo, correct? Since it isn't clear in the guide I presume I need my ethernet cable to find my IP. I'm guessing it's just as possible to do this over WiFi?


      • Finally, Is there anything I'm overlooking or should know in hindsight, before I go down the road of Eclipse?



      Thanks for help in advance!