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    Blue Screen


      Hi im not sure were to go to find out whats wrong with my computer, windows told me to go to intel so here I am. So about 2 months ago I Believe id be playing a video game and the game would shut down and boom computer would go to blue screen showing that a driver wasnt installedproperly or was missing or theres something wrong with a vital software thing. it happens on all games i play and even when im not playing games now. I have the tech info written down if that helps it is a big list of leters and numbers. if someone could help me find out whats wrong id be gratefull cant stand seeing my custom build computer shutting down like that. I know everything was installed properly.

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          Start with the easy updates first. If you have an Intel desktop board, you can automatically identify your drivers and get updates with the Intel® Driver Update Utility. The utility might also provide you with some updates even if you have another brand of motherboard.


          If you have add-in cards for sound or graphics, visit the manufacturer's web sites and make sure you install the latest drivers for those adapters.


          If updating the drivers fixes your blue screen, then great.If not make sure you have the latest BIOS installed on your motherboard. If the driver and bios updates do not fix the issue, you might need to do some troubleshooting with your hardware. Good luck.


          Mark H

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            We need to identify what driver is causing the crash.


            Send me the last 5 minidumps from \Windows\Minidump directory. It's just a few KBytes each.


            I'll analyze it for you and post the results here.

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              im not realy sure how to link the dump files here it wont let me  open them. I think i got the problem solved with windows ansers someone said it was because of a 3rd partygraphics card, im using a Radeon. Windows did a update for the graphics driver that was out of date or the wrong one so I rolled back the graphics card to the original driver and updated it directly from the site after shutting windows automatic updates driver install down so i have to manualy install them now. it;s been 5 days now without a single crash.should I try to link the dump files anyways just incase theres something else wrong as well?

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                To open memory dumps you need a debugger. You can download Windows Debugger for free here: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/DevTools/Debugging/default.mspx


                But, if you're new to debugging, it may be a little bit hard to analyze dumps. Crash dumps contain the exact reason why the computer crashed, so among other things, it points to the driver that caused the crash. I can do it for you, just pack the last 5 minidumps in a zip and send me by email.