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    Compute Stick Sleep/Hibernate when TV is turned off


      I've purchased about 8 of these Compute Sticks, and so far there is one major flaw that I cannot figure out.


      Here's how to duplicate the issue:  With the stick is plugged in via HDMI, and powered through the wall adapter, turn your TV off for an extended period of time...usually overnight does the trick.  In the morning, when you turn the TV on, it will show no signal because the stick appears to be sleeping or hibernating (The blue power light of the stick stays on, but no fan, and no hdmi signal)


      A USB wired keyboard seems to wake it up, but the wireless handhelds we have do no.


      Is there ANY way to disable this sleep function when the TV is turned off?  We use these for digital signage and 24/7 playback is essential.

      Thank you for any advice.