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    Intel Galileo install trusted CA


      Hi guys without going into too much detail of the project I am working on a network that includes 2 Intel Galile (not web accessible), two Arduino Uno, one Windows Raspberry Pi and one and one Debian Raspberry Pi which acts as a gateway and is the only web accessible device. Basically with exception of the Uno which both connect to the Galileo via serial the rest of the devices communicate to the gateway device using MQTT. I have created my own CA and generated a signed cert for the two galileo using the local ip addresses as I am only aiming to secure the data passed within the network not over the internet. I am trying to find docs on how to install a root ca to the Galileo so that my CA is trusted and can send secure MQTT messages backwards and forwards, possibly maybe integrating sockets as well which will also need to be encrypted. Can anyone tell me how to install the CA on my Galileo so that they can be accessed securely via say etc.


      Thanks in advance.