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    Comparing low-end Intel processors (Celeron vs Pentium vs Atom)




      Intel has a large offering of low-end processors in use today - primarily Atom, but sometimes I still see newer machines with Pentium and even Celeron on the market. Core M has also made its fairly recent entrance to the game. Between these processors, as well as any others I may have missed (not including i3 and above, as I consider those medium- to high-end) and all the various builds of those processors, it's really hard for me to get a grasp on how they compare to one another. I've spent a lot of time looking up stats and benchmarks between some of these, but I still don't really know how they "rank" in comparison to one another.


      Can someone give me the 10,000 ft view on this, or direct me to any topics on this matter that I may have missed?