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    i7-920 with DX58S0 mobo temperature concerns (not overclocking)




      I just set up a new system with an i7-920 on a DX58S0 mobo. I'm using stock cooling and no overclocking. If it matters, power supply is 520w. After installing the Intel Desktop Control Centre, I see that it's reporting the CPU temperature at 1^T (i.e. 1 thermal unit). Docs indicate this is really bad. CPU voltage is being reported at ~.92 when idle. The Desktop Control Centre also reports this as below normal. Also, the red CPU LED on the mobo is lit. Docs indicate this is a temperature issue affecting performance. The other temperature sensors all report normal numbers (Ambient=37, VR=42, IOH=48). I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to temperature/voltage since I'm not concerned with overclocking. I thought just plugging things in would mean everything would work well within normal operating parameters.


      First off, should I reapply the heat sink with new interface material? Is this a case of thresholds being set incorrectly? What other things might cause this temperature problem? I would really appreciate some pointers.