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    DP55WB Inductance Noise Issue - DG45ID Deja Vu ?


      I've just built a new system (I'm a system builder) using the Intel DP55WB with an i5 750 and a Sapphire HD 4650 (1GB DDR2). The first thing I noticed was the return of the dreaded inductance noise. This curious technical issue first came to my attention when I was building systems based on the DG45ID board and I went through several boards before Intel finally fixed the issue with a BIOS update.


      I've flashed the DP55WB with the latest BIOS (0165), but the noise is as strong as ever, actually more pronounced than what it was on the DG45ID board.


      Is anybody else seeing this on a regular basis?


      Is a BIOS fix the only way?


      Will I be at the mercy of Intel's BIOS programmers again?