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    HD 4600 HDMI audio disappearing, windows 10, driver issues




      I have a htpc that I built for our living room and whenever I turn the TV on/off the HDMI audio disappears from the list of playback devices. It only shows up again if I reboot.  It's a huge problem for a htpc.


      I had this issue before on windows 8, and the issue was resolved by updating to the latest bios for my motherboard (ga-h87tn).  At the time there were a lot of people having this issue, all seemingly resolved with bios updates.  However, now that I have updated to windows 10 and the latest drivers, the problem is back.


      I've tried a handful of drivers, and only one, a really old one works (v9.18.10.3257),  It has some graphical glitches with windows 10, and I can't use it even if I wanted to because windows keeps pushing new driver updates to me, overwriting it.  I'm assuming there must be a problem somewhere with the new versions of the driver. 


      Has anyone had a similar experience with HDMI audio on Windows 10?  Any solutions?



      My hardware, for reference:

      - Gigabyte GA-H87TN (bios v6)

      - i5-4570s (HD 4600)