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    Intel Rapid Start - Windows 10 - SSD - Hibernate


      Hello! I have a problem with Windows 10 installed in SSD (this fail don't occurs in HDD with Windows 10 installed) which is: Hibernate Crashes, in Windows Start Loading. I have contacted Asus support, they says that is needed INTEL RAPID START to Windows 10 work perfectly in SSD.

      I use UEFI Mode, is threre any relation?


      Obs.: I have installed Windows 8.1 too, in same SSD, and I'm able to Hibernate normally. (without install any driver, not even INTEL RAPID START).


      In HDD, I can Hibernate however, in all Windows.


      Asus Z97M-PLUS/BR;

      Intel Core i5 4690;

      Windows 10 PRO;

      SSD Kingston 240 GB. (using in AHCI mode)


      Any predictions for these drivers, fixes, or something else?