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    QPI and memory voltage.




      I want to buy a new pc with motherboard DX58SO and want to know if is possible to use the memories with 1.65Volt.


      I asked OCZ and they told me:




      "Yes the memory will fully work on that motherboard. The 1.6 volts is if you do NOT increase the QPI voltage as well. The reason being is that Intel requires you to keep the DRAM Bus voltage and the QPI/Uncore voltage with a difference no greater than .5 volts as it can damage the hardware. You simply will need to increase the QPI/Uncore voltage to

      1.25 volts and the DRAM voltage to 1.65 volts and that should work just fine. "


      Please, could you tell me if this information is right, because I can not get in the same hardware's seller, the memory with 1.5V +/-5% and also the DX58SO motherboard, and if I buy in two different places the memory and the motherboard in case of problem everyone will say that the problem is in the second one. Therefore I need to buy everything in one place?


      If the information is right, please, could you tell me how is the sequence for changing these parameters in the DX58SO?


      Thank you for your attention.

      Shmuel Maybisher.