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    Core2Duo problem, possibly overheating


      I hate a homemade desktop with a Core2Duo in it, purchased just shy of three years ago.  It worked fine until one day the USB ports stopped working.  I shut down the computer, checked the connections between the USB expansion slots and the motherboard.  Ever since, my desktop has refused to stay on for longer than sixty seconds.  Once or twice the BIOS or whatever gave us an error message about overheating of the CPU.


      We tried redoing the thermal paste on the heat sink, installing an identical, used heat sink that I own, and replacing the motherboard, the latter of which also necessitated a new power supply.  The problem has remained the same: the desktop suddenly shuts off after 30 to 60 seconds.


      One friend feels that I have no option but to replace the microprocessor, is there anything else I can try to make sure that it is the problem?  I think b/c of the USB ports failing on my old motherboard, I have to keep the new motherboard and power supply, so this is all becoming very expensive!