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    Does My Device Carry The RealSense 3D Camera?


      hi all.

      I recently bought an inspiron 15 dell 5548 i7 version.

      I updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10 (build 10586 latest windows insider release)

      I wanted to get the windows hello feature. (where you can unlock your device using face recognition)

      I followed the instructions to do so. yet the windows hello feature does not appear. it should after I enter a pin.

      what I'm wondering is if my device does carry the hardware; in this case, the realsense 3d camera.

      I have downloaded the application intel_rs_dcm_f200_1.4.27.41944 but this always gives the error that the camera

      is not detected.

      these are the specs of my device:

      Dell Inspiron 15 5548 laptop

      i7 processor

      1tb ssd

      8gb ram

      service tag/SN:5DKBX32

      pic of the camera below


      any help on this would be appreciated.....

      *sorry for posting in the wrong forum. Moderator can you please move this to the appropriate forum?

      I tried but didn't get seem to be able to post anywhere else