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    DG45ID new IDT audio drivers Windows 7 64-bit Flash/Shockwave


      Did a clean install of Win 7 64-bit on this system.  Use the optical output from the onboard audio to an external stereo receiver and get a lot of distortion (didn't happen under Vista).  Upgraded to the new IDT audio drivers and the sound is great - huge improvement.  Unfortunately, whenever the the browser (Chrome or Firefox) encounters a Flash/Shockwave site, the browser crashes and the system becomes unstable (and eventually crashed).  When I uninstall the new drivers, it goes back to lousy sound, but stable performance.  Anyone see this or have any ideas?  Thanks.

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          I have a similar problem with my DG45ID hooked up to my receiver with optical. I'm running Windows 7 32bit. If I install the drivers (6224.3 v182) I have issues with flash and windows media player. If I revert back to the windows drivers everything is stable again. My audio quality seems fine with either driver.


          Installing the previous version 6224 v1.78 has the same effect.


          *Update* Appears to be a conflict between onboard and ATI video card with hdmi sound in my case.


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            You may have seen this by now but Adobe is releasing a new version of Flash that should fix some problems for Win 7.  Chrome and maybe Firefox may still have issues however.  When doing an update read their information.

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              Similar problems:  DG45ID, replaced DP35DP (not supported for win 7), E8400, 4 GB RAM, all hardware previously working on DP35DP with Win XP.  Clean install of Win 7 32-bit.  After installing AUD_ALLOS_6224.3_PV_IDTGUI_V182.exe, system shutdown would hang on playing shutdown sound.  Then a variety of other hangs would also occur.  Windows Media Player would not respond to play a music CD.  All Windows updates applied (as of 5-23-10), but Microsoft LiveChat LX-3000 headphones would not work.  Uninstalled Intel Audio and all is working well.  Aslo noted that Intel Audio application software does not have options for USB headphones (only mini-stereo jacks, the most unreliable connector in my 30 years of computer experience).  The Intel software application also does not allow auto-switching between rear stereo speakers and front headphones.  Windows software supports both sound outputs, but does not auto-detect the change.  I have (4) Intel front audio + USB + 1396 panels, that I used on DP35DP and earlier Intel boards and the Intel supplied software application supported auto-detect when changing audio output,  Why is the technology going backwards?  My expectation is that systems should be designed to auto-detect front/rear audio output without add-on hardware.