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    BIOS sees SATA drives, XP doesn't


      After starting my Dell Dimension (Dimensia?) 9150, I got the NTLDR missing msg. I checked BIOS and it sees the SATA drives. I started Windows Start Up and got the message that it did not see any hard drives. I loaded the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers from a floppy and got into setup and recovery console. I have an adapter that I can read and copy to the hard drive from my laptop, but it is not running the OS from that drive. How do I load the drivers into XP so that the comp will see the drives when it boots?  Which files do I load and where do I put them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!


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          As I recall, XP needs SP-2 to support SATA drives.


          Beyond that, the installation instructions for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers are included in a readme in the driver download package.


          I've heard rumors, but can't confirm, than you can also install the MSM drivers into an existing XP SP-2 installation by booting the machine with the BIOS set to SATA as IDE, extracting the files from the MSM download package into a scratch directory and updating the drivers for the disk AHCI-capable controller as a driver update through device manager.  When the machine asks to reboot, do so, but when it comes back up enter BIOS setup and change the SATA controller mode to SATA as AHCI, then save and reboot into Windows.  When (if) the machine comes up in Windows XP with the controller in AHCI mode, run the setup.exe from the MSM package to install the Matric Storage Manager control console.


          Again, I can't tell you that will work.


          IAC, in my experience with the Intel SATA drivers, there is almost no perceivable advantage to running the AHCI mode on a stand-alone desktop or laptop PC running Windows XP. AHCI can make a big difference on servers, but advantages on a Desktop are mostly on paper or with benchmark software.


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