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    How to make the driver changes effective in the current Yocto Build?


      Hi Guys,


      I have to make some changes to one of the drivers in the Yocto kernel and make the changes effective in my build. After doing the changes in the driver file present in ../work/quark-poky-linux/3.14-r/linux/drivers/...., I'm following the below mentioned steps:-


      bitbake linux-yocto-quark -c compile -f

      bitbake linux-yocto-quark -c deploy

      bitbake linux-yocto-quark

      bitbake image-full

      The above mentioned steps are duplicating the bzImage,initramfs and other files present in the images directory. How to avoid the same so that I could just effectively add the small changes made in the driver as patch to the existing Yocto build?