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    D54250WYKH analog audio jack issue



      I just bought a D54250WYKH and tried to install Win7 Ultimate.

      When intstalling Realtek High Definition Audio Driver for front panel audio jack, it keeps failing and popup error message.

      2015-11-08 11_10_35-Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Setup (4.35) x64 Edition.png

      And Windows shows that the driver installation module has been stopped !?

      2015-11-08 11_24_14-Realtek High Definition Audio Driver Setup (4.35) x64 Edition.png




      Device Manager does not show any warning of error, but the driver detail seems weird(No provider, manufacturer and version....)


      2015-11-08 11_25_26-鋆蔭蝞∠???png2015-11-08 11_26_15-鋆蔭蝞∠???png2015-11-08 11_26_53-鋆蔭蝞∠???png



      So currently, I have no playing device and recording device in voice control. (except HDMI audio, HDMI audio out works fine!)

      Front panel audio jack does not respond to headphone plugin either.


      I have tried it on Ubuntu14.04.3,  headphone plugin can be detected and seems quite normal.

      Does anyone encountered the same issue? or any solution for this symptom?



      2015-11-08 11_28_48-Program Manager.png2015-11-08 11_29_04-Program Manager.png

      2015-11-08 11_27_45-蝟餌絞.png